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Other Attractions of Jajpur

1.   Chhatia Bata- It is famous for a unique Jagannath Temple.

2.   Amarabati Katak- Adjacent to Chatia Bata, which is famous for natural serine.

3.   Chandikhole Mahabinayak- Mahavinayak Mandir at Chandikhole, is enriched with excellent natural landscapes deep jungles and flowing streams.

4.   Ratnagiri- History describes much more about Ratnagiri, but Tibetan record counts it as one of the worthy places for its existence.However excavation conducted at this side in the year 1958-1961 unveiled many unique features of Ratnagiri Buddhist site.

5.    Lalitagiri, Udayagiri,- Udayagiri and lalitgiri are also enriched with typical engraved Buddhist monuments and ancient sculptures. A number of antiquities including stone cultural pieces , monolithic votive stupas, terracotta seals and sealings , bronze objects , coins, glass bangle items are also defines the gone era of Buddhist monasteries. These two Buddhist monasteries are believe to be bulilt between 5th century AD and 13th century AD.

6.   Ratnagiri National Museum- Built on the northern crest of Ratnagiri hill at Ratnagiri village in Jajpur district of Orissa state , Ratnagiri archaeological museum is considered as one of the unique and important site museums of archaeological survey of India. Having three terraced magnificent building , this Museum has completed in the year 1990 and started functioning on 15th august in 1998.

7.   Languli Pahada, Puspagiri Vihar- The famous Buddhist Complex is said to be ancient seat of Puspagiri, the buddhist University of 7th century A.D. statue of emperor Ashok is being discovered at Langudi hill.

8.   Ashok Jhara, Sukinda,- A beautiful picnic spot which is 30 k.m. away from Jajpur Road.

9.   Baruneswar Kshetra

10.  Siddheswar Temple and many more

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